Redevelopment of the Area around Rödingsmarkt / Hamburg including the conversion of an existing parking garage

A new bike-route is proposed in a new step to transition the city of Hamburg into a more sustainable future with less automotive traffic. The route connects from the south to the north. Passing the intersection Schartorbrücke / Kajen, parallel to the elevated metro rails, is a new shared space where only emergency and supply vehicles are allowed. Beneath the railway small pop-up stores are possible, accessible from both sides through the bike route. The former parking building Rödingsmarkt is transformed to integrate the bike route as a new spot of interest and to elevate the route for a trouble-free crossing over the big intersection of the B4. The base concrete construction is kept accommodating micro apartments ranging from 33 – 65 m². The huge depth cannot be used for residential purposes, so a second typology is needed. An urban farm functioning with artificial light is ideal for the low and dark spaces inside. The existing double helix is reused for separate access to the farm, residential spaces and partly for the elevation of the bike route.

Urban Design Studio Leonard Zweck / Helene Herrmann