Combining Solar Hydrogen Production with housing and public functions for unique and efficient architectural possibilities

This masterthesis explores the architectural possibilities of solar hydrogen production in an urban context. This “NIMBY” (“Not-In-My-Backyard”) typology is placed unconventionally in the middle of the city, Alexanderplatz- Berlin. The less inviting attributes of such a production facility are turned into exciting new future-ready possibilities, through the merging of different functions and typologies. A field of mirrors focuses the sunlight on a point high up on the tower, where the thermal energy is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The excess thermal energy can be used to heat apartments, situated in the tower below the technical spaces. The pipes, used for the production, are visible within the building and divide semi public spaces, situated between apartment levels. The mirrors used to focus the sunlight, cover the rooftop space of the research center.

MASTERTHESISLeonard Zweck / Jasmina Brüschke